About Aura

Plant Based

We believe in simple plant alchemy and infuse our products with only high quality botanical ingredients. We are non-GMO and free of pesticides, chemicals and preservatives.

Lab Tested

We value purity, high potency and strength. Our CBD is triple lab tested through third-party labs to ensure it is 99.9% pure whereas most competing brands on the current market are 60% to 70% pure. Experience the difference with Aura.


We care deeply about sustainability and it’s part of our core values as a company. We source eco-friendly packaging and are working on a net zero warehouse with the goal of becoming as green as possible throughout our entire supply chain as we grow as a business.

Our Story

Aura was born in California and we represent a native San Francisco brand. We are dedicated to healing through plant medicine and a commitment to natural well-being and a higher quality of life. We believe that holistic health can be reached through the power of the self and through community, an act of empowerment and personal responsibility for one’s own life and the state of the planet.

Our values lie in simplicity, honesty, transparency and authenticity. We are eco-conscious with the goal of integrating sustainable and renewable resources wherever possible throughout our entire business model and seek to educate clients on how their purchase impacts a better future.

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Embody the healing force of nature

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