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I am an 84 year old male and wish to share my fantastic experience with your CBD product from AURA. I was diagnosed in 2013 with spinal stenosis in my lower back. Having always been physically active this was very hard for me to handle. I tried pain management thru physical therapy, acupuncture, injections of the spine, pain pills and tests at Mayo Clinic and the Veteran’s Hospital, but the pain continued to progress with no let up. As the years went by both legs were affected and I could no longer run, jump or lift heavy weights, I walked bent over in an effort to alleviate the pain, at times I had to rest both arms on the sink just to brush my teeth, the pain was 24/7. In February 2019 I was introduced to your product AURA with amazing results and in just the first month experienced positive results. I now walk erect with very little pain, get a good nights rest, can work on my hobby (old cars) and enjoy a much better life style. I use the CBD Tincture twice a day, in the morning and at night, under my tongue. Thank you for improving my life.

Harlan G

I am currently going through ACL rehab and getting the recovery roller massaged into my knee has helped a lot with pain management, it’s reduced my swelling a lot after workouts, and its helping my rehab progress better.

Chloe (athlete)

Being a longtime carpal tunnel suffer, I am always looking for a product that offers quick pain relief. I found the rollerball convenient to carry, because you never know when the pain is going to strike. The rollers seem to take effective immediately, offering great relief in my wrists and elbow tendons.


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